Arcadia Yachts. Luxury and harmony with nature

The young and ambitious Italian shipyard Arcadia literally broke into the superyacht market and became one of its most active players. The shipyard built its first yacht Arcadia - ArcadiaA 85 - in 2009 and it made a splash at the international yacht exhibition Boat Dusseldorf. It would seem, what else can surprise sophisticated buyers who are accustomed to the luxury of expensive yachts equipped with the latest technology?

The main idea of ​​the shipyard is the harmonious interaction of man with nature, contemplation and the ability to enjoy the moment in the most comfortable and refined conditions.  Arcadia has proposed a revolutionary concept of life on a yacht - life without barriers with the environment, embodied in bold technical solutions. Arcadia yachts are truly cosmic in design. The shipyard's bold design decisions not only aroused the envy of competitors, but also determined the direction of the industry for the coming years.

Yacht Arcadia is a luxurious water villa. Huge panoramic Up&Down windows and transformable terraces create a feeling of no barriers between the inhabitants of Arcadia and the beauty of nature, maintaining continuous contact between man and the sea.

Inside the yacht is felt even more than outside! The large width and height of the premises, as well as successful solutions for the layout of the interior space make it airy and light.

Arcadia's most innovative solution is the panoramic glass roof with integrated solar panels. An amazing combination of penetrating sunlight and generating clean electricity at the same time!

Depending on the size of the yachts, the area of ​​​​solar panels is 25-40 square meters. meters, producing 1.5 - 4 kilowatts of "green" electricity. 

Sustainability is one of the main components of the Arcadia Yachts brand philosophy .

The latest design developments of this Italian shipyard concern not only the surface part of the yacht, but also the underwater one. The improved hydrodynamics of the hull allows it to consume 10-40 percent less fuel than yachts of the same size. And this is a significant reduction in operating costs and a decrease in the negative impact on the environment!

Arcadia's cabinets are made of fiberglass, the interiors are decorated with precious species of exotic wood, filigree-crafted natural stone. 

Arcadia yachts are responsive and easy to navigate, so often the owner himself takes the helm in his own hands to get even more emotions while on board this masterpiece of yacht building. 

Now the Arcadia shipyard is 47 thousand square meters. meters of production space, where they build yachts measuring 18-35 meters. The shipyard is located in Naples, one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. It is quite obvious that the breathtaking seascapes of the Gulf of Naples inspire the designers of Arcadia to create their beautiful creations! !

At the moment, the shipyard has five models of yachts in its lineup: Sherpa 60, Sherpa 80XL, A85, A105 and A115. The flagship yacht of the company is A115. Its length is 35 meters, designed for 12 guests and 8 crew members.

The smallest is the 18-meter Sherpa 60. Designed for 4-8 people, easy to manage, often the captain and owner are in one person.


  • World Yachts Trophies
    Winner 2010
    Yacht with interior and exterior design and innovative technologies
  • ADI - Industrial Design Association Nautical Design Award
    Winner 2011
    Best motoryacht interior design
  • Robb Report Magazine
    Winner 2012
    Best of the Best Motoryacht
  • Champion Jachtingu
    Sherpa 60
    Winner 2016
    Most promising premier Yacht
  • World Yachts Trophies
    Winner 2018
    Most innovative Yacht
  • The World Superyacht
    Winner 2019
    Best Motor Yacht
  • The World Superyacht
    Nominee 2020
    Best Motor Yacht

Arcadia A105

Length: 31,57 m Тип судна: Суперяхты

9 000 000 €

Arcadia A115

Length: 34,99 m Тип судна: Суперяхты

11 100 000 €

Arcadia A85

Length: 25,91 m Тип судна: Суперяхты

5 650 000 €

Arcadia Sherpa 60

Length: 18,28 m Тип судна: Суперяхты

1 770 000 €

Arcadia Sherpa 80XL

Length: 24,61 m Тип судна: Суперяхты

4 950 000 €

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