Journey through the inland waters of Germany

In Germany there are 4 regions where you can charter a yacht: The Baltic and the inland cruising areas of the north, Müritz and Berlin’s waterways, Saar and Moselle, Lake Constance.

The beaches of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg are where Germany ends and the Baltic Sea begins. Nowhere are you closer to Scandinavia, where long, hot summer days and light nights will raise your spirits. Whether in the historic Hanseatic towns lined up along the coast, the islands or the varied inland cruising areas, you are sure to enjoy your northern adventure on board of yacht.

Enjoy the most beautiful inland cruising areas in east Germany! The Mecklenburg Lakes are situated in the heart of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Together with the waterways in Berlin and Brandenburg, they constitute the largest and most beautiful inland water sport area in central Europe. Cruise your yacht over 1,000 lakes connected by numerous rivers and canals. They determine the character of this unique natural landscape.

A landscape of superlatives awaits you! This is where winegrowers cultivate top international wines, where the Romans founded Germany’s oldest city and where you will find one of the most successful combinations of ancient cultural treasures and sometimes charming, sometimes spectacular countryside.  The region’s proximity to France and Luxembourg is not only the inspiration for the Moselle region‘s cuisine in terms of lifestyle. There is hardly another wine-growing and holiday region that can fascinate you with so many facets. Aboard your own Linssen, you will become part of the incomparable scenery of the famous Saar Loop. Large bathing lakes and historic towns and cities await you. Marvel at the boat lift in Arzviller and explore historic Alsace.

Situated at the heart of Europe and surrounded by three countries, Lake Constance offers not only a wide range of charming countryside but also an abundant cultural scene providing a multitude of options for exploring. Experience the unique environment of the Untersee (Lower Lake), look forward to hearing the different dialects, tasting the specialities of the surrounding area and meeting the different crews from each country. Enjoy peaceful days in the shadow of the fantastic Alpine scenery.

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