Journey through the inland waters of Finland

It‘s no wonder that Finland is called the ‘land of a thousand lakes‘, because there are so many of them. Consequently, lakes and the sea are vital parts of Finnish nature. What could be better than getting away from the noise of the cities by relaxing and enjoying the silence on board of  yacht? Retreat into your own thoughts or be inspired by the vast clear lakes splintered by islands, narrow strips of land and green headlands.

Lake Saimaa is a labyrinth of blue water and green islands making up the largest lake district in Europe. Due to the number of stretches of open water linked by straits and dotted with islands, it’s hard to believe that Lake Saimaa really is Finland’s largest natural freshwater lake and the fourth largest in Europe. It is a breathtakingly beautiful destination for truly unforgettable holidays with an abundance of scenery and shoreline. The stunning natural environment and unique local events attract thousands of visitors each year to enjoy the region‘s hospitality and services. The beautiful varied landscape dotted with islands is a perfect setting for sheltered yachting. You to can enjoy the calm blue waters in summer. Come and experience the world‘s most beautiful lake district - Saimaa!

The region offers a wealth of cultural attractions from the world famous Savonlinna Opera Festival to high-class concerts and intriguing museums and galleries. Holidaymakers will find plenty to do on the sunny shores of Lake Saimaa, as there are many activities and pursuits to be enjoyed. Unique boutiques, idyllic cafes and top-class restaurants, offering a warm and friendly service, add to the unrivalled charm of the Savonlinna region. One of the most popular boating areas on Lake Saimaa is the Linnansaari National Park with 130 islands covering an area close to 40 km2. There are 21 guest marinas in this region, which means that moorings are never far away. Head for the shore whenever you feel you need a rest, a snack or coffee prepared over open fire. And, if you are lucky, you can spot the Saimaa ringed seal, which is among the world’s most threatened seal species!

In addition to the Linnansaari National Park, there are more than 200 other guest marinas, so you can easily plan your trip. And, as we are in Finland, many of these have a traditional Finnish sauna which you can enjoy and then dip into the crystal clear water of the lake.

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